Monday, November 9, 2009


So my dad brought home a log of devon from work today. My dad is a maths teacher. I'm not up on the stats for fathers bringing home devon logs to their families, but I can only assume dad's acquisition is a rare treat. Anyway the devon and I hit it off straight away, so in honour of our new friendship I have compiled a short list of fun activities for you to do with your devon.

-Take devon to the movies. Share your popcorn with devon and playfully throw peices at each other.
-Play tennis with devon. Laugh at devon's lack of arms.
-Get icecream and sit on the wharf during sunset. Share stories with devon and laugh at how funny the world is.
-Go to the butcher's and laugh at meats less fortunate than you.
-Surprise devon with a thoughtful gift.
-Play a boardgame with devon. Wait until devon has almost won and then knock over the board. Fall about laughing and stare at length into each others eyes.

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  1. Devon and I went to do the salt march in India last February as a proclamation of our love of each other and of Indian independence, unfortunately I got hungry and I finished the salt march alone. Incidentally Salami and I just celebrated our 3 month anniversary.