Monday, October 26, 2009

Post #2

So I know this is only the second post but I feel like we've had some really good times together already. Remember that pigeon! Eating a chip! Classic.

As you can imagine I've been quite eager to follow up my initial post with some equally retarded whimsical bollocks (a hallmark of all popular picture blogs) but I have been waylaid by the unlikeliest of foes - the computer cable! You wry bastard! Breaking on me like that! But as I stare into it's perpetually sadfaced socket I find it difficult to stay mad at my electrical friend, despite its consistent efforts to disadvantage me. Why, I would even go as far as to say that it is the real victim here. It works its (anatomically confusing) rear end off day after day to protect the integrity of data and what does it get? Nothing! And anyway, it's given the perfect excuse for a highly anthropomorphic jaunt in ms paint, so it's earned itself a place in my heart. RIP power cable 1.


  1. i quite enjoyed dust storms as i have a passion for sepia tones.

  2. btw my name is not MyID.config.php